Is Your Money Working For You Or Against You?

Corporations with large contact centers typically hold a surplus of decommissioned equipment as a result of keeping pace with technological advancements, as well as supporting expansions, mergers, acquisitions, or downsizing. Traditionally, these components have been overlooked and underappreciated, even though much of it still has value.

If you have old phone systems, retired servers and routers, or any other IT hardware technology cluttering your place of business - then it is likely your money is working against you. Whether it's a few square feet in an office, or a costly warehouse of goods - IT inventory that sits idle loses value as each day goes by. Surplus merchandise resold and liquidated rapidly maximizes the recovery of capital assets, otherwise it will continue to claim space and time while its worth depreciates.

Marquee Turns Excess Telecom Equipment Into New Revenue

With over a decade's worth of experience in asset recovery services, Marquee helps businesses maximize the return on their original investment by converting Out-Of-Service (OOS) IT equipment into cash.

Our asset recovery specialists have expertise in assessing inventory condition and value, as well as working through packing and freight logistics. Marquee is uniquely positioned to directly offer your OOS equipment to the most qualified buyers nationwide; in addition, memberships with premium industry exchanges allow us to reach the most interested buyers globally. In short, we strive to make the equipment removal process quick and profitable for our selling customers.

As an added benefit, selling your used equipment to Marquee will extend the useful life of these parts, reducing "e-waste" by helping to keep viable equipment out of our landfills.

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