e-Waste is a term for electronic products approaching the end of their useful life. As electronic products become cheaper and cheaper they tend to rapidly become obsolete. What's hot today is often out of date a few years from now. The United Nations Environment Program estimates that 20 to 50 million tons of electronic equipment waste is generated each year, and the United States generates more of this type of waste than any other nation. Further, with the emergence of developing countries into the global information society, e-Waste has become the fastest growing waste stream in the world.

The International Association of Electronics Recyclers says that an average of one billion pieces of computer equipment will be disposed of each year for the rest of this decade most ending up in river beds, landfills, and on road sides. Lead and other dangerous chemicals often leach from these materials into the ground water, contaminating our drinking water and evaporating into the air. In addition, there are brominated flame retardants in plastics and circuit boards, beryllium alloys in connectors, lead-tin based solders, and batteries and mercury switches which contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. These are all classified as hazardous waste by US Federal Law. In conclusion, this is not just waste it is toxic waste!

As Ted Smith of the Silicon Valley Coalition put it: "The fruits of our high-Tech revolution are pure poison if these products are improperly disposed of at the end of their useful life."

Marquee Communications places extensive focus towards refurbishing telecom products for resale. In addition to our in-house facility, Marquee is also networked with a global community of IT distributors who refurbish IT hardware in this same regard. Refurbishing telecom products for reuse in this manner substantially extends a product's lifecycle, and in effect, multiple tons of plastics and metals are kept out of our landfills annually.

We believe that responsible recycling and reuse of electronic hardware produces environmental, as well as economic benefits. Extending the life span of electronic equipment through refurbishment not only reduces a carbon footprint, it also reduces the purchase price to approximately one-third of that same equipment when purchased new.

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